Snorkel at Isla Tortuga

If you want to snorkel at Isla Tortuga take the advantage of our one day tour adventure at Isla Tortuga, located in the Gulf of Nicoya.

You are able to

appreciate a variety of aquatic animals, such as starfishes, blowfishes, octopuses, manta rays, etc.

The snorkeling tour

last about two hours. The passengers are able to enjoy the marine life and also the gorgeous islands that cover the Gulf of Nicoya.

Some of the islands

that you are able to enjoy are Pájaros, Cedros, Pan de Azúcar, Jesusita, and Tortuga.

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Central Pacific - Perfect for Snorkeling

The central Pacific underwater world is known for its diverse marine life that includes bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, orcas and sea turtles found alongside islands, coastlines, volcanic formations and sandy sea bottoms. Manuel Antonio, Dominical and Uvita all offer nearby snorkel and dive locations with access to Cano Island, the Pacific's bastion for diving and snorkeling and home to whitetip reef sharks, sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, seahorses and parrotfish among others.

Tortuga Island

You'll find the best locales for snorkeling off the coast of the central Pacific in Tortuga Island, rock formations and the Whale's Tail, a unique geographic formation formed by an offshore sandbar connected to the mainland by a thin strip of sand that disappears when the tide rises. Water temperatures average about 82 degrees, and visibility oftentimes exceeds 100 feet – depending upon the weather and season. The best time of year for snorkeling and diving is from November to April coinciding with the dry season (Dec.-April).

One day tour at Isla Tortuga

You can experience our one day tour at the gorgeous Isla Tortuga located in the Gulf of Nicoya.

The tour includes bus transportation from San Jose, Jaco, Manuel Antonio and Monte Verde. The passengers are going to enjoy a hot typical Costa Rican breakfast in our private dock and restaurant “El Shrimp Shack.

At the island, Calypso provides you the Snorkel tour and banana boat ride in the beautiful clear waters of the beach. You can also enjoy through out the day of unlimited soft drinks and juices. Each passenger has the opportunity to experience our gourmet dishes and coffee.

Calypso ensures to share and save your experiences, that’s why it has a photographer on board who takes photos during the day to document your one day adventure tour. The pictures are going to be published in our web site

Our one day tour includes a real island discovery tour. It passes in front of some special islands of the Gulf of Nicoya. For example, Cedros, Jesusita, Pájaros, San Lucas, Pan de Azúcar, etc.